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At Bagicho, we have the perfect all-natural and organic growing solutions and fertilizers that will increase the health, vitality, and yield of your grow. We have an excellent selection of garden soil amendments that are great for home gardeners and small-scale farmers. Our environmental green products include neem oil, worm castings, mycorrhizae, coco coir chips, Agribon, and much more! Explore our website to find out more about our Coco Bliss product line, our Neem Bliss product line, Worm Bliss, and our Biochar fertilizer. If you have any questions about our organic garden soil amendments, please get in touch with our team.

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Plantonix Worm Bliss castings are made by worms that are fed with responsible food. The product is not mixed with any fillers. The castings are sieved finely and are a uniform dark color without perceptible odor. I added as a light top dressing with some very heat stressed plants, watered, and they perked up. This is good stuff.

Maya L.

As the name implies, the coco bliss bricks were bliss-full to work with. This stuff hydrated very quickly and became a moist, fluffy material that easily mixed with per-lite and charcoal. It is a renewable product and looks like an excellent substitute for peat moss. I'm using it for a sterile potting mix for seedlings. I will definitely be ordering more!

Andrew K.

I was told to use neem oil on my garden and fruit trees by a landscaper.
At first, this did not work. I ended up using it 3 days a week and then.. POOF! It worked, all bugs GONE! Its so awesome to use something natural. No chemicals on my garden, fruit trees and all my gorgeous flowers. 

Jennifer G.