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Agribon AG-15


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Agribon is an ultra-light weight, resistant non woven fabric made out of 100% polypropylene. During the manufacturing process (spun bond) a UV stabilizer is added, making Agribon stronger and long lasting to ensure its re-usability. Agribon allows sun light, air, and water to pass through, helping to maintain a climate that promotes optimal vitality of your crops. Agribon also acts as a  physical barrier, keeping away plagues like white flies and other aphids.
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  • Made of spun bonded polypropylene fabric
  • Prolongs growing seasons and increases yield
  • Excellent wind and insect control
  • Ultimate durability for extended use
  • AG-15 is super lightweight (0.45 oz/sq yd)
  • AG-15 has 90% light transmission

Product Specifications

Weight (lbs per roll)

1-24 rolls
25 plus rolls

Agribon AG-15

0.45 oz per square yard

Agribon AG-15 (9'10" x 50')



Agribon AG-15 (9'10" x 250')



Agribon AG-15 (9'10" x 500')



Agribon AG-15 (9'10" x 1500')



Agribon AG-15 (9'10" x 2000')



Agribon AG-15 (19' x 2000')



Agribon AG-15 custom size

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