Agribon Row Covers

Agribon® is an ultra-light weight, resistant non woven fabric 100% polypropylene. Our Agribon row covers will protect your crops without interfering with plant growth, allows sun light, air and water to pass through without any effect on the plant. During the manufacturing process (spun bond) an UV stabilizer is added, making Agribon stronger and long lasting to ensure its re usability. We have a wonderful selection of Agribon for sale, including Agribon AG-19, Agribon AG-15, Agribon AG-50, Agribon AG-70, and Agribon AG-30. It is important to note that each Agribon has a unique light transmission percentage. Browse our website to view our full selection of Agribon row covers. Our team is always available to answer all of your questions. Get in touch with us here.

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