Myco Bliss - Bagicho
Myco Bliss - Bagicho
Myco Bliss - Bagicho

Myco Bliss


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Mycorrhizea Fungi Inoculant

Plantonix Myco Bliss is a specific blend of 5 different mycorrhizal fungi designed to supercharge your plant’s rhizosphere for maximum root growth and nutrient absorption. Mycorrhizal fungi form a symbiotic relationship with your plant, delivering specific nutrients to your plant in exchange for plant sugars. The addition of mycorrhizal fungi to your soil increases absorption area of roots upwards of 1000 times compared to no mycorrhizal fungi being present.

The 5 fungi found in Plantonix Myco Bliss also release powerful enzymes into the soil that act to break down non-plant available nutrients into ready to absorb, plant available nutrients that are delivered right to your plant’s roots.

  • Promotes Vigorous Plant and Root growth - Improved ability to get nutrients and water uptake from soil
  • Decreases amount of watering and fertilization
  • Enables the soil to retain nutrients for longer and increases nutrient use efficiency
  • Healthier and denser root systems
  • Reduces transplant shock

    Active Ingredient Analysis:           Powdered & Granular

    Rhizophagus irregularis 175 propagules/gm
    Rhizophagus aggregatus 175 propagules/gm
    Rhizophagus proliferum 175 propagules/gm
    Rhizsophagus clarus 175 propagules/gm
    Claroideodglomus etunicatum 175 propagules/gm
    79378 propagules/pound (2%)
    Other ingredients:

    Inert Carrier-Clay ………………...………...…………..(98%)

      Common Uses

      • Flowers
      • Shrubs
      • Trees
      • Berries
      • Vegetables
      • Fruit
      • Root

      Directions for Use: Granular/ Powder

      • For Potted plants, Transplants or Cuttings
        • Dilute 1 tsp per gallon of water and soak roots or transplant/water in potted plants
      • Agriculture
        • Apply 2 lbs of Myco Bliss per acre in row or side dressed before or during plantation
      • Best Use
        • Apply Myco Bliss Granular or Powder mix when transplanting, directly in contacts with roots or at the bottom and sides of transplant hole.

      STORAGE: Keep container tightly sealed. Store in a dry, cool place, do not freeze.
      CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not ingest or inhale. Avoid contact with eyes or skin. Wash hands after use.