Worm Bliss - Bagicho
Worm Bliss - Bagicho
Worm Bliss - Bagicho

Worm Bliss


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Premium Earthworm Castings

Plantonix worm bliss contains all the essential nutrients that your plants need. Worm bliss is made through manure free indoor earthworm casting, with worms that are fed an all organic vegan diet. Not only can this fertilizer be used on nearly any type of plant, but plantonix worm castings are chemical and compound free so they can also be used directly on your plants without burning them. Worm Bliss is created in a climate-controlled habitat free from predators and weather changes, which promotes the worms to become nutrient dense to produce a superior organic fertilizer that will enable your plants to thrive.


  • Promotes vigorous plant and root growth
  • Improves soil structure and soil aeration
  • Enables the soil to retain nutrients for longer
  • Improves water retention
  • Increase nutrient use efficiency
  • Helps in breaking up clay soil
  • Conditions soil in an organic and natural way
  • Can fertilize any type of plant
  • Can used directly on plants without burning them
  • Good for indoor or outdoor use

Why Plantonix?

Plantonix wants to ensure your plants are being treated with best nutrient dense organic worm castings available. They never uses fillers like sand, rocks or dirt from non-worm enriched soil and their worm castings are loaded with over 60 micro nutrients and minerals that are water soluble for optimal soil fertility.

    Directions For Use

    • For vegetables, flowers, lawns and golf course: Apply 10 lbs. per 100 SF and gently mix into soil.

    • For containers: Apply up to 10 % of container size.

    • For tree and shrubs: Apply 10 lbs. per 100 SF and gently mix into soil.