Coco Bliss Pots - Bagicho
Coco Bliss Pots - Bagicho
Coco Bliss Pots - Bagicho
Coco Bliss Pots - Bagicho

Coco Bliss Pots


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Coco Coir Pots

Plantonix Coconut coir pots are 100% organic and biodegradable. They are designed to improve cultivation time through improved aeration. They are highly permeable by water which allows for ideal drainage and helps in maintaining water soil balance. Plantonix coco coir pots help prevent transplant shock and root deformity and maintain their durability after being watered. After the degradation process the coconut coir helps maintain soil health and acts as a fertilizer.  The Pots rest stable above ground for more than a year and biodegrade in the soil after 2-3 months.

  • 100% Biodegradable & Organic : The coir pots are made of coconut fibers that can break down when transplanted directly in soil After degradation they keep soils aerated and fertilized.
  • Durable: The coir pots will not fall apart through watering process.
  • Prevents Root Disturbance and Transplant Shock: There is no deformity in the root system, the plant establishes easily and settles into the soil better.
  • Excellent Moisture Holding Ability- The coir holds onto moisture and promotes good drainage and aeration keeping your plants healthy.
  • Faster Cultivation: The coir pots have a high permeability to water, air, and, roots allowing for loftier aeration.