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2 Yard Tote Bags - (35'X35'X65')


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Tote Bags

The Plantonix Tote Bags is implausibly strong and durable. These bags are commonly known as bulk bags or big bags. These bags are most of used for bulk goods packaging in the market. These bags are mainly used for the transport and storage of all type of loose or granulated materials. The tote bags or bulk bags that are much safely contain thousands of pounds of dry material.
These bags are made of polypropylene fabrics, These are coated laminated with polyethylene and uncoated with breathing properties.


Lifting loops

These types of bags are mainly one, two and four lifting loops. Four lift loop, cross corner loop, sleeve loop, stevedore straps, Single lift point.


These bags are used to pack various types of product so maximum efficiency of bag filling , various solutions are used for the bags construction such as filling spout, conical top, open top, duffel top, filing spout with top flap.


For bag emptying plain bottom, discharge spout, rosetta closure, star closure, spout with flap, emptying skirt. We are providing tote bags to many industries with competitive pricing.