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Protecting You Crops With Agribon™



The last thing you want after investing all that time, energy, and money, into your crops throughout the summer is a fall frost coming in and destroying all that you have worked for. Agribon is the perfect solution to protecting your crops from the threat of frost.  Agribon is a non-woven, spun bound, 100% polypropylene fabric. It allows sunlight, air, and water transmission while supporting a climate that promotes optimal plant vitality.


Propagating seeds

Agribon can help maintain a higher germination rate and create stronger plant starts. By covering your propagations with Agribon it helps keep them warm during early spring and holds in that heat during the cold nights.

Pest and Wind Control

Agribon acts as a physical barrier to break harsh winds that may damage your plants while still allowing up to 90% light transmission. This physical barrier is even effective in keeping away plagues like white flies and other aphids. If an infestation appears, you can respond quickly and cover your plants in minutes.

Extended Growing Season

Agribon moderates the daytime climate of your crops and works to hold in heat. This creates a greenhouse environment that allows your plants to thrive even when their growing season would normally be too long for the area you are growing in. Additionally, if a sudden cold should swoop in you can easily cover your rows, shrubs, or even potted plants with Agribon to avoid potential frost damage. 

Shade Protection

Agribon not only works to keep your plants warm and protected from frost but can work in the heat of the summer to provide shade protection to crops that are more susceptible to burning in the direct sun. Using Agribon in the summer can create a cooling effect to provide an optimal growing environment that can also ensure that your crops do not have a bitter taste that can result from too much direct sunlight.  

Overwintering Crops

You can also use Agribon to prepare your plants for growing through the winter. By using Agribon you can speed up the germination process to ensure your plants have a strong start by the time the cold weather hits.

So don't let all that hard work go to waste, and cover your crops with Agribon.


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  • has 90% light transmission
  • some frost protection


  • has 85% light transmission.
  • provides up to 4ºF + frost protection


  • has 70% light transmission
  • provides up to 4º to 6º F frost protection


  • has 50% light transmission.
  • provides up to 6º to 8º F frost protection


  • has 30% light transmission
  • provides up to 8º  F freeze protection